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        Comparison of lithium iron phosphate batteries and nickel hydrogen batteries

        Sources:Xiangyang Gaolong Phosphorus Chemical Co., Ltd. | PublishDate:2019.03.14

        Lithium iron phosphate battery is a new type of lithium ion battery with lithium iron phosphate as cathode material. Its remarkable characteristics are: lithium iron phosphate has a wide range of raw materials, low price, excellent safety performance, excellent overcharge resistance, excellent discharge performance, excellent cycle performance, good storage performance, small discharge, environmental protection, good thermal stability, and several advantages are simply summarized as "resistance". It's safe and cheap. Lithium iron phosphate is considered to mark the arrival of a new era of lithium-ion batteries.

        The design of Ni-MH batteries originated from Ni-Cd batteries, but great progress has been made in improving the memory effect of Ni-Cd batteries. The main change is to replace the original cadmium with hydrogen storage alloys, so Ni-MH batteries can be said to be a typical representative of material innovation. Nickel-hydrogen batteries cause much less pollution than nickel-cadmium batteries containing cadmium.

        Since lithium iron phosphate batteries have so many advantages, why aren't they widely used in mobile phones, digital cameras and other consumer electronic products? The original lithium iron phosphate batteries materials have a problem - lithium iron phosphate batteries are difficult to achieve large capacity, in the AA type nickel hydrogen rechargeable batteries have achieved more than 2000 mAh today, commercial AA type lithium iron phosphate batteries can only achieve 600 mAh capacity at present. The nominal capacity is a little small. But in practical application, we prefer lithium iron phosphate batteries.

        Many friends'digital cameras use brand-name nickel-hydrogen batteries of 2500 mAh and 2700 mAh. After using them for a period of time, they will be useless. If they are full of electricity, they will give a low-power alarm without taking a few pictures. They can't even turn on the computer. A lot of batteries can't take a few pictures. Because nickel-hydrogen batteries can't be used on digital cameras.

        Although the nominal capacity of nickel-hydrogen batteries is very high, the actual capacity used is not high, and has the shortcomings of large weight and short battery life. So in real life, lithium iron phosphate batteries are more widely used. Lithium batteries and nickel-hydrogen batteries who are better? Actually, they can not deny their advantages because of their shortcomings. According to their different properties, they can use in different places to give full play to their respective greatest advantages. Therefore, lithium batteries are more suitable for mobile phones, but in digital cameras, because the demand for current is quite large, and the power consumption is much larger than mobile phones, so it makes the use of lithium batteries. Nickel-hydrogen batteries are better. Jiang Mengyou, the largest manufacturer of spherical nickel hydroxide as cathode material for secondary batteries in China, said that it was the general trend for lithium batteries to replace nickel-hydrogen batteries and that the nickel-electric industry was shrinking.

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